Friday, May 18, 2012

Celebrate Leadership!


Celebrate Leadership!

Nominate a Girl Scout in K-12th grade to serve as a representative of GSOC.  The Celebrate Leadership event and program are designed to illustrate to the community who we are, what they do, and why it matters.
Nomination Information
·         Tell us about a Girl Scout that you know who has developed specific leadership qualities in Girl Scouts and how these qualities have helped them to achieve a dream, change the world, or take action to make the world a better place.
·         Girls in K-12th grade may be nominated by a parent, troop leader, or other adult or may choose to self-nominate.
·         Selected girls will have various opportunities to represent GSOC and share their story with our community, including being paired with 12 women Honorees who will be recognized as leaders in our community.
·         Girls will be expected to participate in 2-3 rehearsals, a special event with women honorees, and the Celebrate Leadership event on October 26, 2012 at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach.
·         Nomination forms are available now on the Volunteer Network.
·         Nominations include 1 complete nomination form, 2 reference forms,  and 1 essay and/or picture.
·         The deadline for girl nominations is May 22, 2012.
·         Please contact Lesley Finch with questions:

What a great way to recognize the accomplishments of our girls....


Monday, May 14, 2012

100th Anniversary Art Quilt

Is this a great art quilt, or what?  A Girl Scout, good friend and fiber quilt artist, Jamie Fingal just finished this quilt for the 100th Anniversary.  I just love it!  

I asked her why it resonates so much with me?  And she responded, that it's the happy colors!  I think it's also that my First Class Pin is in it (top left corner) as well as my original GS pin.  Good memories from my youth.

Jamie has donated this art quilt to our Adult Recognition Lunch event as an Opportunity Prize.  If you're there, you can buy a special ticket, and have a chance to win. There will only be one winner, and we will announce that person at the event.

Put the date on your calendar (if it isn't already) and send in a reservation ASAP!  
June 3, 2012. Disneyland Hotel.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PA Training success!

It was a FUN PA Training Session on Saturday!  We only had 16 girls (one whole group of 7 from a troop didn't show, darn!) and while they were mighty quiet when they entered, they were engaged and energetic as the day progressed.

One of the activities we ask the girls to do, is to work with a table group of 4, and draw a Junior, Daisy or Brownie Girl Scout.  Then, write some words to describe who she is.  I took a picture of one of this Junior girl because Chloe, Hannah, Kately and Hailey did such a GREAT job!   Each team shared "their girl" with the group, and we had good discussion about the characteristics of each level of girls.  Our PA girls know that these are the girls they will be leading in the their Day Camps, and the PA skills they learn will help them lead.

There's a real focus on leadership in this training, which is great for the girls. Many have not heard the GSLE mantra of Discover, Connect and Take Action on a regular basis, and we were able to weave that thread throughout the day.  We also put an emphasis on the the three processes:  girl led, learn by doing and cooperative learning.  I think the girls heard the message, but we'll keep telling them in Session II as well. 

These girls make me proud! I truly hope they will take these new skills and use them not only for Day Camp but for their Leadership in Action (LIA) and life experiences as well.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

PA Training on Cince de Mayo

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Ole!

It's a PA Session I Training Day.  As I'm writing this the day before, I can't really talk about how great a time we had, or how great the girls were.  

But I'm optimistic!  The last two trainings have had girls with eager minds accompanied by squirrely bodies. It's been fun!

We're about half way thru the training series, and the feedback from girls and parents has been great.  If your girl has interest in the PA program, be sure to look for the training schedule in 2013.  

This is yet another opportunity for Cadette Girl Scouts to take advantage of!  Partnered with the LIA (Leadership in Action) Cadette aged girls and older can really use their leadership skills to work with younger girls. What great experience!  Girl led program means giving these girls the opportunities.  We put all the options out there, and let them suss out how they would want to participate.

If you still have leader-led program, you may be short-changing your girls! Sure, it's easier for you, but it's better for them to learn how to do it all.  They need the opportunity to grow, to be a leader, to be led by other girls and to work cooperatively with others.  It's the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE).

As we say in Leadership Essentials Training, the GSLE won't necessarily create the next President of the United States, but it will help to create a girl who is  leader in her own life. She can stand on her own two feet and make good choices for herself.  She knows who she is, and what she stands for. Hopefully, with all the great experiences she's had in Scouting, she'll be a leader of others as well.

Yes, a very good thing for this Day of Celebration!  The General in Puebla led a defeat against the more powerful and well-armed French army.  And won.  He found his passion, discovered what needed to be done, connected with the Mexican militia and people to TAKE ACTION and win. Truly, GSLE:  leadership in action!  Vive!