Group Agreement

As with any troop/group who chooses to work together in Girls Scouting, we would start with a Group Agreement or Code at the beginning of the year/event that we would all contribute to and abide by. I'm hoping that you will all agree to abide by this simple Group Agreement as though you had helped to create it:

1. Post in the spirit of the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
2. Use appropriate language.
3. Abide by the Internet Safety Pledge for Girl Scouting.
4. Agree that Ann is the blog host, and that she will monitor all
posts.Google Chrome.

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  1. Hi Ann,
    Love that you are doing this blog! What a great way to 'CONNECT' with Cadette leaders and share your expertise and information! I am a Cadette Advisor to 8th grade girls and love it! I am also a new Co-SU Manager for Saddleback 6 and learning, learning, ...
    Thank you for this!

    Tara Offenberger
    Troop 1178


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