Friday, July 27, 2012

Rock the Fair!

What a morning!  Girl Scouts Orange County Rocks the Fair!  Thousands of Girl Scouts, young and old, and everything inbetween showed up for the festivities.  We didn't quite fill the amphitheater, but we came close.  Wish I hadn't had to come back to work.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Group Agreement

I missed the meeting where our Breathe Series girls came up with this list of how to treat each other, but I LOVE what they came up with.  A girl-led experience for 2 girls to be up front and write it all down. Then they all voted to abide by it!

Anne Rizzacasa (Rizzy) was sure to post it the next session, and when it looked like things were going a little off track, she pointed to the Agreement and said, "doesn't it say to have fun?  And do your best?"  The girls agreed, and it got them right back on track.

I love it when it works like that! I'm pretty sure it's posted on our Breathe website, but not sure if we gave each girl a copy to put in her lab book?  If we didn't, I think I will! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Someday, it will get done....

There are seven days in the week
and someday isn't one of them.”

Oh my, but it's so true!  I've heard that aphorism on and off my whole life.  And yes, I can be a procrastinator, though I work valiantly against it!!!

Our Cadette girls have "someday" for everything they need to do!  That 7th grade fog can take over, and we just lose that happ, eager little girl we used to know.  Instead, everything is an effort.  Everything can cause the rolling eyes and big sighs, and the girl only wants to do it later. Someday.

We're seeing it in our Breathe Journey, too.  One mom said, "well, she's just got a face on her", and when I asked why, she, a bit exasperatedly, said, "she's eleven!"  Nice to know "the look" wasn't because of Girl Scouts.  And fortunately, once she was hooked up with the other girls, she thawed out, participated and even smiled and laughed.  WHEW!

The "someday" she would smile again was the same day!  Though the posting on the website and doing the work ahead of time is still someday for about half of our girls.  Nice girls, but without enough days in the week.  Someday they'll get it done. Someday they'll go for the Silver. 

Someday will come, I just know it!  Someday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Service Project into Silver

"The second graders planted close to 200 plants for a rain garden.

Armed with shovels, flowers and a lot of passion, the scouts were on a mission to plant a rain garden. It’s part of their 100-year anniversary service project. The garden acts like an environmental shelter — capturing rain water from the gutters and stopping run-off from going into the sewers.

The Root Pike Watershed Initiative helped fund the project. “It’s wonderful. We get both another rain garden and an opportunity to educate the next generation,” Root Pike Watershed Initiative Executive Director Susan Greenfield said."  From the GSUSA Blog

Wow!  What a great service project that could be morphed into a great Silver Award Project!  These Brownies really did something meaningful in their community!!!

So, how could it have been a Silver Award Project?  The small team of 2 or 3 girls could have learned in their Breathe Journey that plants really do clear the air.  Also, that flooding and wasting water is not a good thing for anyone.  They could have done some research to learn more about the needs in their community.

Discover the Issue:  Run-off water causing damage and waste

Root Cause:  No way to stop water run-off in specific places - why is that?  Lack of funds?  Lack of volunteers at the Watershed?  Lack of knowledge on the part of the community?

Connect with the need:  Identify an agency/agencies to partner with.  Find a location that has the need.  Figure out if there is anything else going on in the community to address the issue?  Find out if there are others who share concern about this issue, and ask if they can be on the team. Determine how much money it would take to make a difference.

Take Action: Make a plan!  Each girl has leadership over specific pieces:  creating education pieces, identifying native plants to use, training the team, working with the non-profit agency, etc.  And work the plan! Be sure that each girl has the opportunity to lead!

Sustainability:  Set it up to turn over to the agency if at all possible. Or have the troop adopt the garden as their project for the year, hopefully turning it over to another entity down the road. Remember, they do not have to ensure sustainability, as does the Gold Award Project.

Global: Talk about what it means!  What if every community planted a rain garden?  How would that affect our community?  the county?  the state?  Again, it's not planning for global buy-in, but it does need to be a discussion about how others could do the same thing to make a difference in the world.