Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cadette Essentials Training for Advisors

I'd say that every class of Cadette Essentials I've taught over the last couple of years has had its own personality.  I've had the angry class of 35 who came after me with both guns blazing, the class of 15 who just wanted to talk with each other to work out the issues they were having with their girls, and everything inbetween!

We were a very small group this past week.  Only 3 advisors.  I think we sort of created our own "Journey" thru the topics and what they needed to know.  Who would have thought that the first half hour of a Cadette Essentials would be about the Gold Award?  Well, it was, and I think it was all a whole lot clearer to them, once we were done.  It really helped sort of set the stage for what Cadettes do now, as prelude for what they can do next.

Cadettes is all about leaving Juniors (and meetings that feel like birthday parties!) and really having the girls take the job of running their meetings, making their own decisions and working together.  And in a sense, it's all about getting them ready for Seniors and the Gold Award.  All that work with the little girls combined with their hormones, growing up, and changing bodies comes together!

Three years of Cadettes may seem intimidating, but these girls need to go at their own speed. They may need to have a year of hair, nails and chat to get through, while you think they should be doing badges!  Perhaps this is the year for the aMaze Journey?   It's all about the changes these newbie middle schoolers are going through at school.  And you may have a year where it's all about cookies and camp, where they may feel a connection to the Breathe Journey.  Or maybe it's about the Silver.

As we say in training, take the time. There's no rush!  And when each girl is ready, she'll do her Silver. Or not.  Maybe you'll really have to work with the girls to find out what their passion is, where their interests lie?  Perhaps you've been doing it since the first day of 6th grade, just laying it out there....."wouldn't this be interesting as a Silver Award Project?"  The scribe can even keep a list going. Maybe even brainstorm about issues then, and save it.  It may not fall on fertile minds then, but it may later.

Our group of 3 really walked away with a broader sense of the GS program, I think, and understood the larger picture. I hope!  All 3 were excited for the year, and all 3 wanted the best for their girls.  With that kind of attitude, I bet everyone has a great year!


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