Thursday, October 11, 2012

Swim Test Training

We had a fun time at the Kleerup pool on Sunday.  (Thank you  Ginger and Mr. K!) This was the day we had our "Jump in and Swim" time with a certified lifeguard on deck to sign off on it. Yes, these 9th-12th graders all passed!

We are getting ready for our ToGetHer Boating Event on October 21.  And part of getting ready, is being sure that EVERY girl who is going to go on the water (and possibly IN the water) passes a simple test to be sure she can swim.  25 m of swimming and 3 minutes of treading water.  One girl said, "but why 3?"  Well, we talked about how long it would take a lifeguard to get to her in a normal situation:  in the Dunes Bay, for example.  The lifeguard can make it to any girl, anywhere in the Dunes Bay within 3 minutes.  The girl smiled and said, "that's good."

I'm getting excited about this day.  We have 8th grade Cadettes (none younger, by design) and Sr./Ambassadors who are going to participate. Some are coming as hard-core Gammers who want the extra practice time on the water.  Some are coming for fun! Maybe they've always wanted to sail a boat, but never had a chance?  Well, this could be that chance!  

Our committee is working hard to get 10 sabots, 8 canoes, 12 kayaks and 4 rowboats in the water with girls doing all the work!  Our certified instructors will be on hand to train and supervise. We'll have additional watchers on the sand, just keeping an eye out, and helpers just in case.  

Not all our training is on the water. We have Knots, Marlinspike, Compass and Relative Bearing and Bell Time training going on as well. Again, learning for fun, and learning for competition. It's good for all.

Not sure how many girls we'll have, but I'm hoping for no less than 50 and no more than 100.  Registrations are slow coming in, and they're not due til next week.  But if your girls are interested in coming as a troop? or as individuals, and they're in 8th grade or higher, they are all welcome!  

All the info is on our webpage
You can also see info about what the heck GAM is!  The girls can also see the boat info they really SHOULD know before they show up!  It will make training go sooo much more smoothly, if the girls can do a little work ahead of time.

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